Family Histories

The following family histories, available in our collection housed at Brodie Resource Library, are alphabetized by author.  If you would like a lookup from one of these family histories, please see our research page.


Aitken, Denise. 2007. The Aitken family.


deBoer, Jack. 1996. Jean Rioux of Quebec 1652-1710.
Boulos, Vivian D. 2001. Family of Alexander W. 1814-1887 & Mary Agnes Buchanan 1824-1914.
Boulos, Vivian D. 2001. Family of Geoffrey S. & Lillias Buchanan Beck 1868-1953.
Bowles, Barbara. 1979. Text from a Dairy Written by John Walker.


Campbell, Tess. 2008. Cordingly/Boothroyd.
Coolen, John. 2007. The Coolens of Fox Point.


Eagles, Douglas Eaton. 1993. Eagles Families of North America.

Edie, Ralph/Beth. 1998. Descendants of Scottish Canadian Charles Edie.


Fraser, Jane Emerson. 2001. Some Descendants of John Emerson.
Forrester, Susan Swett. 1989. Descendants of Oliver C. Forrester.
Forrester, Wallace R. 1966 House of Forester.
Francis, Donald W. 1985. Ancestor Charts.


Goodwillie, John Ross U.E. 1986. The Goodwillies 1590-1986.
Gordon E.M. 1988. History of the Gordon Family of Goulbourn.
Gouliquer, Linda. 1990. Gouliquer-Pollard Family Tree.
Gouliquer, Linda. 1995. Armstrong-Crawford Family Tree.


2000. Descendants of Emma Hammond 1863 -1962.
Holmes, J.W. 1985. Hymers, McCall, Holmes Families.
Houston, Richard J. 1979. Numbering the Survivors.


Jamieson, George/Glenna. 2002. Adam Oliver of Ingersoll 1823-1882.
Johnson, Eric. 1995. Family History of Eric John Johnson.
Justice, Janet L. 2004. Family Tree for Charles Sozio.


McColl, Francis. 1989. Ebenezer McColl “Friend to the Indians.”
1985. McKellar Tree.
Merriman, Brenda Dougall. 1994. Jackman.
1982. History of the Miller & Morse Families.
Mutrie, Robert R. 1993. Andrew Nelles: A New Canadian 1798.
Mutrie, Robert R. 1996.Willem Nolles.


Pole-Bayer, Constance. 1990. And in the New World.


Simpson, R.N. 1988. A Goodly Heritage – Story of the Simpson Family.
Sowden, Rosa Hildagard. 1970. The Sowden Saga 1700-1969.
Spencer, Thomas E. 1983. Lilly, Archer, Rowe & Baker.
Stafford, H.E. 1995. The Autobiography of Joseph Servais.
Stanzel, J. 2000. Family of Thomas Alfred Stanzel 1832 -1925.
Stuart, Carol [Adams]. 1991. Bonesteel and Hughson Families.
Stuart, Carol [Adams]. 2004. Jacob Bonesteel SR. [U.E.L.]
Sullivan, Sister Gabrielle. 1974. Martin Murphy Jr.


Tees, Gary R. 2001. Combined Family Tree of the Tees.


Varkaris, Jane/Costas. 1980. Nathan Fellows Dupuis.
2000. Descendants of Silas Vandervere York.


Zinck, Ron. 1994. Buchanan.