Our cemetery records include the following, arranged alphabetically by cemetery name under each location.  Our catalog file (pdf) contains information about cemetery holdings outside the branch’s area.


City of Thunder Bay

Gunnell, Art et al. 2001. City TBay Burial Indexes.


Gunnell, Art. 2007. Mountainview Municipal Cemetery. Coolen, John, OGS
Gunnell, Art. 2007. St Patrick Municipal R.C. Cemetery. Coolen, John, OGS


Nicholson, David & Carol. 2007. Riverside Co-Op Cemetery. Coolen, John, OGS
Coolen, John. 2008. Riverside Co-Op Cemetery burial index. TBOGS
Gunnell, Art. 2005. St. Andrew’s R.C. Cemetery. TBOGS


1994. Fort William Burying Ground. (C/A)
1990. Huotari Family. (C)
1998. Intola Community. (C)
1980. Kaipainen Family. (C)
Coolen, John. 2009. Kivikoski Cemetery. TBOGS
1999. Shaary Shomyim Cemetery.
1980. Smedberg Family. (C)
1994. St. Andrew’s R.C. (Old) (C/A)
1994. St. John’s Anglican. (B)(C/A)
2001. Sunset Memorial Gardens.
Axent, Sandy/Bakowsky. 1995. Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery.
1980. Waris Family. (C)

District of Thunder Bay

Gunnell, Art. 2001. TBay Dist Burial Index. Appendix 0105


1995. Dog River (Kam) Community.
1993. Dorion St. Isadore’s R.C.
1993. Dorion-Mountainside Municipal.
1999. Geraldton Claim. TB24701 (C/AB)
1993. Hurkett R.C. (C/A)
1993. Hurkett United.
Gunnell, Art. 2000. Jellicoe Cemetery.
1995. Lappe Lutheran – Old. (C)
1995. Lappe Lutheran – New.
Higgins, B. & J. et al. 1998. Longlac Municipal Cemetery.
2001. Nakina Hillcrest. (M)
TBOGS. 2001. Nakina Hillcrest Municipal.
Gunnell, Art. 2001. Pinegrove Municipal Beardmore.
2000. Pinegrove Municipal Geraldton.
1980. Pursianen Family. (C)
1994. Salem Lutheran Church.
1982. Silver Islet Community. (C/A)
1981. St. Bridget’s Nakina R.C.
1980. Taskinen Family. (C)
1995. Ware-Gorham Community.


Coolen, John. 2009. Cliffside Municipal Cemetery. Nipigon. TBOGS
1994. Coldwell Community. (C/A)
1996. Jackfish Community. (C/A)
1998. Manitouwadge Municipal.
1994. Marathon. (Old) (C)
Marathon & Dist Hist Soc. 1998. Marathon Municipial Cemetery.
1996. Old CPR. (C/A)
1996. Rossport St. John Bercham R.C.
1996. Rossport Union.
Gunnell/Coolen. 2008. Schreiber Municipal Cemetery. TBOGS
1984. St. Mary’s Anglican. (C)
McGill, Kevin. 1999. Terrace Bay Cemetery Transcription. McGill
Terrace Bay Genealogy Group. 1998. Terrace Bay Municipal Cemetery.


1983. Backstrom Family. (C)
1985. Bessant-Walker Family. (C)
1987. Cloud Bay Municipal.
1988. Conmee Municipal.
1982 Hymers Pingrove. (C/A)
Coolen, John. 2010. Hymers Riverside Municipal Cemetery. TBOGS
1984. Kakabeka Hydro Spillway.
Coolen, John. 2008. Leeper Cemetery. Lybster Twp.
1987. Leeper Community Nolalu.
1983. Makela Family. (C)
Coolen, John. 2009. Nolalu Cemetery. TBOGS
Coolen, John. 2009. O’Connor Free Methodist Cemetery. TBOGS
Coolen, John. 2010. O’Connor Municipal Cemetery. TBOGS
1980. Old Baptist Church. (C)
1983. South Foul Lake. (C)
1988. St. Benedict’s R.C. Church. (C)
1983. St. James Anglican Church.
1982. St. Pius R.C. (C)
Coolen, John. 2010. Stanley Hill Municipal Cemetery. TBOGS
1983. Sunshine Community. (C)
Coolen, John. 2009. Tarmola Cemetery. TBOGS
Coolen, John. 2009. Trinity Lutheran Cemetery. TBOGS
1997. Upsala United Community.
1997. Wolf Siding (Karila) Family.


Rainy River District

TBOGS. 2001. Atikokan Little Falls.
Gunnell, Art. 1998. Cemeteries in the Rainy River District. Appendix 9802
Lanpy, Richard & Gean. 1986. Finland, Chappele, Stratton R.C., Morley, White Otter, Ignace R.C.
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OGS. 2001. Rainy River Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Kenora District

Dryden Family History Group. 2003. Dryden Cemetery Index.
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Ruzycki, Shirley A. and Jolin, Karen. 1998. Mountain View Ignace.
2000. Redditt Community Cemetery.
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General NW Ontario

Higgins, Janis. Northwestern Ontario Residents Listed in the Canadian Obituary Record.
Gunnell, Art. 1998. Northwestern Ontario Burial Index.